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Cake4u is a platform that empowers you to be in control of your finances by creating cashflow and harnessing the potentials of Decentralized Finance.


Company Overview and its Mission

Cake4U’s long-term objective is to create a crypto currency market that serves as a digital marketplace for currency exchange that also enables investors to obtain extensive information about up-to-the-minute updates on new Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and other current trends relating to this field.

Building the Internet of money

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.
Our company’s mission is to create a user-friendly digital platform where we offer advisory and PoS services for novice and competent investors in the field of crypto currency and to offer education on how crypto currency work and how it will affect our lives in the years to come. Additionally, our product portfolio includes masternode services (IT services) for individuals or groups of investors.
Adfie (ADF) coin is a ERC20 coin established in early 2019 by Cake4U projects was started in February 2021 with the objective to offer a comprehensive platform for Adfie (ADF) coin holders and coin owners to provide proof of stake (PoS), masternode, liquidity farming, and other relevant services. Cake4U hosts the best masternode and staking coins based on thorough analysis and technology.
Crypto Staking Platform

The Ultimate Staking Service Platform

The Cake4U platform offers a secured (fully compliant with Google 2FA Security) online platform for the subscribtion of shared masternodes and staking pools. Currently we are supporting over 25 coins as payment for our services and as payment for the ADF coins we offer to users from our storage.

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